Monday, 21 January 2008

L'eau D'Irish Taxi

I know you guys complain about the smell in some Irish Taxis; body odours , stale puke/piss, whatever foodstuff the last evacuee breathed all over the cab etc etc.
Well not this one! I've dispensed with my good buddy "the magic tree" and bought a bottle of;
Molton Brown, Thai Vert Air Vaporiisator d'ambience
Which "enriches the mood with spicy green notes of lime, Indonesian patchouili, caraway elerni and Moroccan eucalyptus.
Don't ya know!
I must admit it does smell nice and it's not too overpowering, (it should do at €24 a bleedin' bottle!)
so I'll have none of your moaning ......OK!
This post is in answer to a query by Paradise Driver..... who uses Fabreze in case you're wondrin'
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