Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The First Daters

These are regular, while I queue at the rank on a weekday evening at about 11:30 pm, I see them walk towards me. they chat for a while, looking awkwardly about them and eventually they kiss, tentatively. She'll get into the first cab and he'll walk away..... or possibly get into the second cab.
"First date?" I enquire, "Wow, how did you know that? she asks, "DOH" I should reply but in reality I explain.
They are always interesting journeys though, some are blind dates, some get set up by mates, while more met in a pub/club the previous weekend and drunkenly exchanged numbers.
Some work out, most don't.
Tonights one didn't, there was no attraction, she just didn't want to "jump on his bones", he was really nice and they had a great chat.....but it would never be.
Just to embarrass the girl should she ever read this, she wore a size 2 and a 1/2 shoe (came up because I was calling her Cinderella and she said about her shoe not fitting anyone else....), and she looked like Barbie.
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