Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I'm Dublin's No 1 tourist Attraction!

Yes me! An ordinary Dub, driving a Taxi around the city am one of the biggest draws for visitors!
Thing is though if you are an ordinary Dub reading this then you too are the main reason why people come here.
When asked about their experiences of the city visitors claim it's the friendliness of the people they enjoy most, so continue to talk to folk in shops and pubs and if you see someone looking at a map stop and ask if you can help.
Other things people approved of were;
The city is easy to get around.
The cultural activities.
Its musical traditions.
And surprisingly.............. it's value for money????
Dublin is ranked alongside Barcelona and Vienna in eight place in the "best cities to visit" so we must be doing something right.
Let's hear it for the Dubs!
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