Thursday, 3 January 2008

Irelands top Earner

Just watched "Ireland's 50 top Earners of 2007 " on the TV........I know, it was a repeat.
The 50th person on the list was building supply warehouse operator, Michael Chadwick, who earned €52 million last year ..... or a million a week!
The top earner, friend of the Taxi industry with his cheap Taxi insurance was Sean Quinn who last year earned an astonishing €1.5 billion!!

Sean takes on seemingly insurmountable companies and beats them at there own game, such as Cement manufacture , the glass bottle industry, along with the motor and car insurance industries. I wonder who's next?
He saved me over a €1000 on my yearly Taxi insurance bill so he's all right in my book.

Here's the interview with Sean, I think you may be surprised by him.

Surprisingly none of the entertainers/ sports-stars made the list at all....... no sign of Bono or the other u2..ers No Westlifers, No Damien Duff....... Eddie Irvine et al

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