Friday, 4 January 2008

Philo saved the Night

It was looking like it was going to be a disaster tonight, hardly a sinner out, Harcourt street seemed deserted, I was thinking about calling it a night very early on. I decided I'd swing through Temple bar to see if there was any action there and discovered the " Vibe for Philo" was on in Eamon Dorans and it was hopping!.
This event has been running since the death of the legendary Thin Lizzy frontman Philip Lynnott from a drug overdose 22 years ago, with cover bands rocking out the Lizzy tunes to happy punters..
Phil was a much loved character in Dublin who despite being one of the most famous rockers of the time paraded up and down Grafton Street regularly, he was easily spotted as he was over 7 foot tall with an extra few inches due to to the Afro hairdo, was also one of the very few Black men in the city and wore a smile as broad as the street and returned any" howya" with a broad Dublin accent.
He's sadly missed and is still making us Taxi drivers a few bob , thanks Philo!
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