Thursday, 31 January 2008

Irish Taxi Advice

Roy's Tips;

Taxi journeys are safe, the Cabs are easily identified and drivers are vetted by the Gardai, however;

For the Single Girl;

  • Sit in the back, it's safer and you can still chat with the driver if you like.
  • Make a phone call, phoney if necessary, say out loud that you're in a Taxi, where you are and when you'll be home.
  • If you're "last out" tell the one out before you that you'll ring as soon as you get home.


  • If the keys are under the mat or plantpot, wait for the driver to pull off before you retrieve them.
  • When you have your little panic because you can't find your keys, always say you don't want to wake your boyfriend/brother, never confirm there's no-one home to let you in.
  • If organising via mobile to have keys left out for you , never say "in the usual place" or "leave it under mat/pot. always say "where would be a good place to leave it?"

Off on Holidays;

  • Always chat about how and if the people left behind will manage on their own.
  • Never chat about whether the gas/electric is turned off
  • If asked "is everything switched off" always reply "no need, the house is being looked after."
All of the above is common sense stuff, but all are common discussions in Taxis and all could lead to unforeseen events.
Just be careful out there!

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