Friday, 1 February 2008

Simply Tragic

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my sons 17 year old friend, who died after crashing his car on his way home from work.
He was probably driving too fast, he probably had the car stereo at full blast, he probably took one too many chances, he was just the same as any other 17 year old boy driving his first car. He was unlucky and tragically the safety features built into his car were not sufficient to preserve his young life.
His mother was other worldly, I doubt she had any idea of her situation, his father had a similarly vacant expression, his young sister sobbed uncontrollably, calling out her brothers name from time to time.
It was heartbreaking listening to six of his classmates struggle tearfully through the prayers of the faithful, all around... young girls were breaking down.
The offertory gifts included an X-Box 360 controller and game and the coffin left the church to a song by the rock group "The Killers", all contriving to drive home the nature of the tragedy; The untimely death of a young boy.
I've no suggestions or solutions, I wrote this in an effort to purge my mind of the memory of it all, I may delete it tomorrow, this place is supposed to be light hearted.
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