Tuesday, 29 January 2008

To Snatch or not to Snatch?

St Stepens Green
I don't work Mondays (cue for a song) So no "true stories" for you today, instead you can solve a bit of an issue we drivers are having. (Drivers can take part too!)
To Snatch; to take a fare that ethically belongs to another
There's a bit of a problem at my favorite rank on St Stephens Green, if you look at the picture above you will see the Taxis queuing on the left,
The council have added a "second" rank on the right hand side, with the first car where the silver jeep is and Taxis queuing behind.
What happens is when the queue shortens on the left, the first car on the right joins it and so instead of two ranks we have one semi-circular one.
For those that didn't "get" that, I've done a wonderful visual presentation of the problem.
The problem is whether or not the car parked where the jeep is in the picture should take a fare if one comes along, or should he direct him across the road and 50 metres up?
I was joking about the presentation being wonderful!
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