Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Jail For Not Paying Taxi Fare

Not working, so it's just a relevant story from the news.
Martin Ward (18) from Portumna in Galway, got two weeks in jail for making off without paying his Taxi Fare at Mount Sandford in Drogheha (Ireland).
Garda Kilian Donoghue told the court that Ward took the Taxi to Mount Sandford and once there took the keys from the car and fled.
The female driver rang the Gardai immediately and when they arrived they found Ward hidingin a garden.
Ward explained that he'd been visiting his Aunt in Drogheda and had a lot of drink on the night, Judge Anderson took little pity and sentenced Ward to two weeks in jail.
I reckon if he'd left the keys in the car the driver would have left the scene and not bothered her ass.
Let that be a lesson to ya!

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