Monday, 11 February 2008

Bad Economics

I picked up a girl from the rank in Ranelagh and took her to her workplace in the Citywest business campus. She said she needed to get something there and asked would I mind waiting and bringing her back.
This is a dream job, Citywest is a fair distance away and add to that waiting time plus the return journey right back to where the work is ...great!
"I guess I can", I said " only because you seem very nice"
it turned out she left her Nokia phone charger behind and her battery was low, as she was expecting an important call tomorrow morning from an American client, she really needed it.
The fare including a tip was €45, thing is she could have bought a generic nokia charger in extravision a video shop that opens until midnightright beside the rank where I picked her up.
Well I wasn't going to tell her!
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