Monday, 11 February 2008

Cathail O' Searcaigh, Sex Tourism

A big topic of conversation tonight was about a documentary which is to be aired as part of the Jameson Film Festival here in Dublin.
Cathail O' Searcaigh is a poet and story teller primarily in the Irish language and is studied as part of the Irish school curriculum. I'm not familiar with his work but by all accounts it's wonderful stuff.
In the documentary the film makers follow Cathail (who by the way is gay) to Nepal where he has set up a school and ancillary projects using charitable donations.
So far so good eh?
The documenary also shows him buying bicycles and other objects for young boys, 16 to 17 year old boys to be precise, in return for which he expects and receives sexual favours, the legal age of consent in Nepal is 16 so he's not broken any laws (in Nepal).
However there is no mistaking the fact he is using the poverty of the Nepalese people for his own means and these kids are being victimised, we certainly wouldn't allow that behavior here.
I do think he's done wrong , however I don't believe his work should be removed from the curriculum, which is the point for debate (along with whether he should be charged under Irish law which states the legal age of consent is 17 and that all Irish citizens are obliged to keep to that.... regardless of where they are)
What do you think?

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