Sunday, 3 February 2008

"Expert" Taxi drivers are a pain

These are the worst possible jobs you can get; a fellow Taxi driver, I include myself in that, I'd hate to have to take me home.
They are always a test, the address tends to be given in as complicated a fashion as possible, sometimes it's the road in the estate where they live rather than the district, or sometimes they'll say a road near them that can be confused with another more prominent one in another location.
If you act confused, they have you where they want you and say something like, "and you call yourself a Taxi driver" and off we go for the whole trip in that fashion with lessons a plenty being given.
If however you know exactly where they are talking about and offer alternatives for the road name given, they'll say nothing..... but hope to catch you out with a shortcut you failed to see along the way, or ask the odd question about side streets and pubs in an effort to catch you out.
Either way though you're always guaranteed a big tip so it ain't all bad.
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