Sunday, 3 February 2008

A Guest Poster!

The following tale was written by a regular commenter on the blog, Drummer the Gecko Keeper, it involves a celebrity gardener called Diarmuid Gavin (see picture on left)who is/was very popular in the UK and Ireland.

Here's the post;
"I picked up a couple somewhere near the top of South William Street the other night.
As they got in I caught a glimpse of a lad getting into the cab in front of me. Casually I mentioned to my customers that I thought it was "that dodgy gardener fella off the TV, Diarmuid Gavin".

The couple broke into hysterics and told me that it was indeed Diarmuid and that he was a friend of theirs. They went ahead and called him to relay the fantastic news about how big a fan I was, at which point he turned around in his cab and waves to me.... with just the one finger.

He must have lost the rest of them in a tragic trowel trauma !

Funny all the same."

Drummer is easily identified on the streets of Dublin as his roof sign bears the image of a Gecko, (see picture on the right)
He doesn't know I'm posting this here but I'm not too concerned, as I met him on St. Stephens Green on Friday evening and I reckon I could take him........... easy!

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