Thursday, 7 February 2008

Other Road Users Pt. 2

Due to the overwhelming response to "Other Road Users Pt. 1", I've decided to give it a second chapter!
From time to time I take my wifes car out and become one of them; a normal road user.
I suddenly realise the different reactions to my driving as a Taxi driver compared to as a normal driver.
It's most noticeable at times when you depend on other road users to be courteous, such as when pulling out from a side street or parking spot, better still when trying a U-turn.
I find in both instances people do not want to forsake their few metres of road space, probably more-so when it comes to the Taxi, however the fear that the Taxi will keep coming regardless gives it the edge and allows for easier maneuvering in these situations, whereas i'm much more dependent on other road users generosity when driving my wifes car.
The moral of this story is, it's easier driving a Taxi.
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