Thursday, 7 February 2008

"Your Parents Don't Love You"

Back when I rented a radio from a Taxi firm they had accounts with 2 boarding schools; Wesley College in Ballinteer, and Alexandra College in Milltown.
Most of the work involved trips to the train stations for their weekend visits back home or bringing them to and from extra curricular activities such as horse riding.
I found that new students in their first few months were very vulnerable, tended to be unhappy and wanted to be at home, in complete contrast those that were in their final years loved the college life, regarded fellow pupils as their "real" family and hated going home, often when they did relent they traveled in groups to the one house.
Neither of the above situations seemed a good outcome in my eyes. Initially when I took these jobs after a bit of banter with the kids I used throw in the line "ah.. all you kids stuck in boarding school, your parent mustn't love you", most of the time this was taken in the light hearted spirit intended, but once to often it seemed to hit home I stopped.
This is yet another of my stereotypical observations, made based on conversations with groups in the cab. I've got many more of them, in particular about members of various professions, I may share them with you at a later date.
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