Wednesday, 20 February 2008

"Pay it Forward"

This guy opened the door of the cab and asked would I mind taking him around the corner to Leeson Street, he said that he was sorry and knew it was a short trip.
I replied in a not overly friendly tone as I'd been waiting fifteen minutes on the rank, that if that was where he was going, then I'd take him there.
He got in and told me that either way he'd have insisted on being taken, but if I'd argued he'd have paid only the fare, which turned out to be €5.20, but as I'd agreed he was going to give me €20.
As he got out he told me to "Pay it forward", that crap movie must have had a major effect on him!
Meanwhile a few seconds later a Chinese lad (I only mention that he was Chinese because he was) got into the car going to Pimlico and paid me €10 for another €5.20 fare.
I'd made €30 in just over ten minutes!
Pay it forward me arse!
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