Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Rant

June in Florida reminded me of a real pet hate of mine;
The guy or girl that gets into a Taxi and says that they need to be in the Airport in ten minutes or else they'll miss their flight, or maybe its that they are running late for an interview or an important meeting.
I generally say this to them;
"You know how we can sort this out for you?"
They normally ask; "How?"
Then I say "leave twenty minutes ago!" which doesn't go down too well but it makes me feel good.
These journeys are always tense, no matter which route is taken another would have had less traffic, quicker lights and be better serviced by the Bus lanes.
Really, if you want to get to the Airport in ten minutes, hire a feckin' Helicopter!
While I'm at it let's discuss the "follow that Taxi the guy in the passenger seat has the address of the party" trick;
If that Taxi goes through a junction and the lights go red, I'm going to stop, I'm not Clint Eastwood and this ain't Dirty Harry!

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