Saturday, 2 February 2008

TAXI from Dublin City to the Airport : only €1

As Ryanair has agreed to no longer advertise fares without including all the Taxes and surcharges thus possibly seeing the end of the (advertised)€1 fare, I have decided to take up the mantle!
My ad will read like the title of the post but will also have written underneath in a tiny font; (not including Roys surcharges and Taxes)

The charges will include the following;
Fuel surcharge: €10 per person
Baggage charge :€10 per item
Booking Charge €5 per person
Front seat: €10 supplement

(if you require extra legroom in the back this can be arranged, along with an armrest, choice of music CDs, and a complimentary silvermint. (business class rate of €1500 per person applies)

I was thinking, Taxis must be the only purchase that doesn't include VAT or tax of any sort, doesn't the government trust us to collect it for them?

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