Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Three Musketeers.

That's what they called themselves, the two well dressed ladies in the back of my cab and the gentleman sitting beside me. One of the ladies worked in the fraud detection section of a major credit card company, the other for the same department in a Bank, the man was once a private detective but now operated as a consultant.
consultant; A word placed before a job description, allowing the bearer to charge extortionate amounts for little effort.
They first met when both ladies hired the man to investigate a very high profile case that took up a lot of newspaper pages at the time... a number of years ago.
Since then they meet monthly on a friendly basis to discuss what and who's new in the world of fraud and deception.
The discussion I was privy to involved a trader who had been given merchant facilities by both the bank and the credit card companies to accept their cards as payment in what was supposed to be a restaurant, but turned out to be a "high class" brothel, quite a number of prominent business people had their cards scammed to the tune of thousands of Euros, much to the embarrassment of both them who were assured the transaction would look like a simple dining bill and the Banks whose merchant has disappeared with the loot.
I've no idea if any of the above is true but the story was relayed to me by one of the ladies who was last out of the Taxi, it all seemed a little far fetched and she was quite inebriated, but hey you never know..........
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