Sunday, 17 February 2008

Trainee Accountants

I was out at a party last night and feel a bit delicate, I'll try a post about a stereotypical customer, bear with me if it's shite, the ole head isn't great!.
These are a big part of the midweek Taxi trade, the large accountancy firms such as Deloitte, Ernst and young , KPMG and others take on hundreds of graduates each year, pay them poorly but train them up to be chartered accountants or whatever pinnacle they achieve, paying for their training and exams.
We get them after a night on the tiles that normally begins with some meeting or lecture of some kind and finishes with a meal and a night club.
In the cab they talk to each other about the merits or otherwise of the various "Team Leaders" ...comparing notes.
Their job mostly entails being sent out to firms to perform external audits which effectively involves checking other peoples work (not the most popular kid on the block!), this I assume is how many eventually turn into the introverted loners we associate with this profession.
I've had one or two of the team leaders in the cab and all have come through this system and now have the job of picking the next batch to be taken on by the firm.
They say that many achieve top grades and perform well in the job so a big part of how they choose is based on how they behave on these "nights out" and the performance on the days following is scrutinised.
One unusual comment by one of the team leaders was that those that are over eager are weeded out first... so ass licking gets them nowhere
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