Monday, 18 February 2008

Why are the Taxi Drivers in the Airport so Grumpy?

This is a question I get asked from time to time, now I'm sure it's just another stereotype and they're not all grumpy, but I'll try to justify their mood if I can.
First of all let me explain, I don't operate out of Dublin Airport, they have a permit system, so if you don't have a permit you can't accept fares there and with me being a good Southsider and the Airport being located in the deepest darkest Northside, I've ever bothered to apply for one.
When you come out of the arrivals hall and see the three lines of Taxis waiting to take you to your destination, they didn't just appear there, first they had to go into a holding area called "The Kesh" it's called "The Kesh" after Long Kesh, the Northern Irish prison that housed the infamous H-blocks, home for many years to both Republican and Unionist inmates.
You see, once they enter the holding area they cannot escape until they are let out, which could be quite a while judging by the size of it and the amount of Taxis queuing!
They also have to pay 70c, (I think, it may be more now?) for the privilege of using this "facility". When they are eventually let out, they then join the queue you see at arrivals, which can be another long wait.
So their mood is generally bad to begin with as you get in, it's your job to cheer them up!
Telling them your just back from the Maldives may not be the way to go!
To begin with you should be going a fair distance, so even if you're going to the nearest town; Swords, why not go via the city centre? tell the driver you want to go sight seeing.
Don't talk about yourself or your holiday! ask him how he's feeling and if he's having a good day, sympathise with his problems.
On the other hand, he might be a She! if that's the case.............. god love you, cause she'll probably be bursting for a wee as well!.

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