Monday, 18 February 2008

Wanna know why the Traffic is Shite?

I was at a party on Saturday evening and I got talking to a pal who's now working in the traffic management section of Dublin City Council.
Keen to see how he was getting on with all the proposals I gave to him a few weeks back, he smiled and asked had I not noticed the vast improvements he'd made already?
In reality he said the office is snowed under with requests from resident associations, councilors and other "concerned citizens" for the erection of speed ramps, pedestrian crossings, along with the placing of double yellow lines, speed cameras and signs, as well as, funnily enough the removal of all of the above as well!
Each case has to be assessed on merit with surveyors attending the sites and measuring the need or otherwise of the location.
I guess if they were left to it they might be able to sort things out where it's ACTUALLY needed rather than having to pander to these people!

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