Thursday, 21 February 2008

Why Can't You Get a Taxi on a Rugby Weekend?

The Scottish are coming over this weekend you won't be able to get a Taxi for love nor money!
Over and over I'll be asked the same question;
"Why did 50 Taxis drive past me, Empty and with the Roofsign light off?"
Let's get the Roofsign bit out of the way; The reason the light stays off is because people would be even more frustrated if we drove past with it on!
Now I realise on the night you'll be pissed but for now try empathise with the Taxi Driver, try put yourself behind the wheel.
First thing you should realise is, we want to stop, that's how we earn a living! So why don't we?
As you drive along almost everybody is trying to flag you down, some are in large groups outside pubs and clubs, some are standing on blind bends, others are out on the road itself, yet more are leaning against poles or are being held up by friends.
Would you stop for any of the above?
Taxi drivers are operating on instinct and experience and mostly try stop where it's safe to do so and where they feel the prospective customer looks a reasonable bet (not because she's blond and has big ......)
A quick note about ranks;
They are designed for Taxis to queue for customers not the other way around, queue there if you want but it's not always the best idea!

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