Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Blame for them all!
In an effort to speed up the pageload time for the blog I've deleted some of the widgets, such as;

  • Recent comments (The comments can be viewed from the post)
  • You tube videos from sidebar (they're still in the posts)
  • Taxi News (seemed to take forever to load)
  • The star rating feature (another time waster)
  • I decreased the number of posts on the title page as well from 20 to 10
I've added one new widget; it's the bookmark below each post, if you like a post you can now share it easily.
If you still find the site slow to load, why not subscribe via Feedburner? I've moved the button to the top of the sidebar, just click it and subscribe via a reader, it's a great way of quickly viewing all your favorite blogs/webpages.

Eventually, I'll be moving to Wordpress and hosting my own blog.
This is currently planned for March 13th, please ensure any links you have to this blog are to and not to the to ensure a smooth changeover!

All of this was suggested to me by the nice people at the online marketing firm I'm using to help me increase my readership, all garnered from the marketing report they sent me.
They're called
I'm still awaiting the personalised report, god knows what they'll have me doing then!

Yesterday was the busiest day on the blog................ EVER!
It nearly topped the 400 visitors mark but not quite;

Click image for clearer view

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