Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Trouble Brewing?

Things are starting to get a bit tough out there for Irish Taxi drivers, the numbers are swelling and there is a lot of discontent in the air, it's getting near impossible to even get onto a rank with other drivers parking illegally awaiting a free space, unless you follow suit you simply don't get on.
Things aren't so bad for me, my wage is the secondary income in this household, thankfully, as I'm not sure it could sustain us on it's own.
I don't see the point of buying a new car, as the takings simply don't warrant it, yet the regulator has the ambition of every Taxi eventually being six years old or less, therefore you'd need a four year old car if you wanted to get two years from it .............with zero resale value!
I guess the future for the industry is that of a low wage and as a result poorer quality vehicles, as the wage will not be able to maintain the high standards the regulator has in mind.... something will have to give.
I know people complain because of the lack of Taxis for an hour each weekend night and maybe for a bit longer during an "event" weekend such as a Rugby international.
In Dublin the business is at a crisis point. Is it time the regulator called a halt to the issuing of new licenses?
What's the situation like where you are?

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